Program Director

As a documentary filmmaker, Amelia Hapsari is passionate about improving the infrastructure for Indonesian documentaries, building the needs & the audience for documentaries and connecting documentaries with the vast network of people & institutions who strive to make the world a better place. Her past experiences include managing a non-profit production house in East Timor, editing news for China Radio International in Beijing, as well as producing and directing documentaries that have won national and international awards. She joined In-Docs as the Program Director in 2012.




Jia Foundation - Director

Rebekah Lin is the Co-Founder of The Social Co., a youth-led organization that aims to activate youths and businesses to leverage on their skills to give back to lesser-known charities in Singapore. Their first movement, 50 For 50, raised $4.5 million and heaps of awareness for more than 50 charities. Rebekah is also the Co-Founder of Chloros Solutions, a SPRING-seeded green consultancy boutique firm that provides a complete suite of solutions for Environmental Sustainability Design, energy consultancy and project implementation management services. To date, the company has been involved in over 150 projects of varying sizes. She has been on the committee of the Yellow Ribbon Fund since 2011 and recently joined the Community Chest of Singapore as a main committee member.



Outreach Director

Mandy Marahimin started her filmmaking adventure when she created a series of filmmaking workshops for high school students with Yayasan PopCorner Indonesia, back in 1999. Shortly after that, she decided she liked being a filmmaker, so she continued making films. First as a publicist, then a production coordinator, line producer, and then a producer. She now has more than 10 films under her belt. One is the recent box office hits What’s with Love 2 that became the fourth highest grossing Indonesian films of all time. Through her own production company, Tanakhir Films, she produces features, documentaries, commercials, web series, and shorts. She is also the founder and CEO of, a crowdfunding platform for Indonesian creative projects.


Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala

Outreach Coordinator (Philippines)

Kara is a broadcast journalist and a documentarian. She has been the producer for ARD German Television and ARD Radio, Manila Bureau and contributing producer for CNN Hong Kong, Atlanta for the past 20 years. She co-founded her own television production company Storyteller International Inc. A breast cancer survivor, Kara is the founding President of the ICANSERVE Foundation, an advocacy group of breast cancer survivors dedicated to promoting early breast cancer detection.


Samantha Choo

Outreach Coordinator (Singapore)

A creative thinker and doer, Samantha worked as an advertising strategist in London and Singapore before seeking out a world of change in the nonprofit sector. She is obsessed with using creativity for good and has worked on change campaigns for both the private and nonprofit sectors for organizations like IKEA, Unilever and Refuge UK. She also works with Human Library Singapore, a global movement that challenges stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The causes she is most passionate about are human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.


Anasthasia Herna-Shawndefar

Program Coordinator

Anasthasia specializes in International Development with years of experience working in public and nonprofit sectors in Indonesia, Japan, and the United States. She is passionate about social issues such as quality education, poverty alleviation, and gender equality. Anasthasia was previously worked as a Partner Relations Coordinator for the U.S. Peace Corps in Indonesia. She has also worked for UNESCO and Indonesia Trade Promotion Center in Los Angeles. Anasthasia holds a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Waseda University, Japan.