You can get involved in Good Pitch by attending as an audience participant.

Participants at Good Pitch are leading changemakers from every sector of civil society: foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media. They bring to the table expert knowledge, access to memberships and mailing lists, campaigning and lobbying expertise, connections to policymakers or corporate leaders, and new sources of funding.

They have been invited to Good Pitch because of aligned social issues.

If we could, we'd squeeze the whole world in the room for Good Pitch - but we can't! Each of our venues has a different capacity inside, which means sometimes we are able to invite more participants, sometimes fewer.

We don't want to leave out anyone who'd be the perfect partner for one of our films, so let us know how you can work with one or more of the films, and we will let you know if we’ve got a space for you.

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